Meyer & Associates - State Of The Convenience Store Industry
NACS SOI TRENDS - Dick Meyer Concerns

  • 41 of 145 chains (28%) = pre-tax loss

  • 50 of 145 chains (35%) = < 2.0 cents/gallon from break even

       So 63% of reporting chains are < 2 CPG from net loss

  • HVRs hurting c-stores some areas - lower gallons/CPG

  • Native Americans - killing NY/other retailers; license to steal

  • Cigarettes - escalating prices driving total consumption down

  • Money cost - higher prime, ripple impact of shake outs in process

  • Stores' Labor - quality/quantity issues, minimum wage hike cost

SUMMARY - June, 2000

Many similar dynamics are in play this year as in 1999, and most can be singularly significant for a given site/region. Companies must continuously look at their business on a store-by-store basis, while staying lean and smart on an aggregate basis. They must see where they're going in terms of overall market position and per-store/total profitability!

The Industry's average pre-tax profit per store remains an unacceptable return on most companies' investment. In short, you can't afford to average! Successful c-store chains must be marketing driven, have passionate management, a well-founded and uncompromising strategic direction, and accountability and responsiveness throughout the organization


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